This is a letter from me, someone with BPD, to you, dear reader. It details a few thing I would like you to know

Please be understanding
There’s no reason to be afraid of me
Please don’t be afraid to approach me
and talk to me about BPD
I am grateful for your interest
and your desire to help
I am not my diagnosis
I am human
Just like you

I am just trying to survive
I am just trying to make sense of myself
I am just as confused as you are
I never mean to hurt anyone
I am doing my best
with my limited skills

To me, the whole world is dangerous
It is difficult to trust
It is difficult to find the real me
In the sea of conflicting emotions
I am scared and confused
But I just need a little help
A little time
A little understanding

I know I can feel good
I’ve felt it before
I’ll feel it again
sometimes I forget that

Trust me
You think I don’t feel any empathy
You think I don’t care how you feel
You think I don’t notice you
You think I don’t feel bad about how I act
But I do
And no one feels more guilty than I

I am a good person
I am talented
I am creative
I am caring
I am smart
I am not my diagnosis

I am your friend