Introduction to my Challenge

Last night I set myself a challenge. I regret it already. But I am determined, I think, to press on.

Permit me to begin with a little backstory; I am recently turned twenty-four, a bachelors degree in Illustration, and a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder.

I don’t exactly follow the conventions of a ‘standard’ life at the moment; I can’t.

But this challenge isn’t about what I can’t do, it is about what I’m going to do.

I just about manage to volunteer once a week at a local arts and creativity store for North Kent Mind. I’ve worked there since mid-February, having long outstayed my expected 3 month stint. The charity shop supports local artists and craftsmen by selling their work, and the volunteers are all somewhere on the mental health spectrum; trying to gain work experience and deal with anxieties in a safe, supportive work environment.

It’s pretty much the perfect job. But people just keep bugging me to sell my stuff in the store, and I keep brushing them off with more and more excuses, despite knowing it would be a wonderful opportunity.

So, I started a challenge. By the 1st of August I’ll have made a selection of things to sell in the store. I’ve planned out every day up until then, gathered all my materials, put every single piece in place to begin, and now… I just have to start.


I will be chronicling my attempt at a ‘standard’ life on this blog. Updating each day with a run-down of how the day went.

Right now, my life is governed by mental health. I get up when I get up, and let my mood settle into some form before deciding what to do with the day. My focus doesn’t hold long at all, and my motivation is abysmal. I haven’t done any art in months and months, but I’m going to now.

The pieces are all in place; I have a set time each day to work on these projects (around appointments and volunteering) and all that is left to do is start.

Wish me luck!


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