BPD and the Consistency Paradox

Living life with BPD is a paradox; a jumbled mess of conflicting thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

The reality presents itself as a swarm of instability in all areas of your personal life, relationships, and work.

It can be as simple as changing your personality to suit the environment/people you are with (the chameleon effect), or it can cause huge concerns with constantly shifting life goals, ideals, jobs or partners.

One thing I have come to realise is that no matter how confusing and tangled and different the changes in my personality or life attitudes are, there is one constant.

The one thing that remains stable is that it is consistently inconsistent

What I mean by this is that the fact that I have instability in all areas, is a consistent ‘feature’ of my life. So, I guess in a way, that’s one thing I’ve got going for me.

My life may be all over the place but at least it’s always all over the place.

Not the most comforting idea, but it’ll do.

One thing I’ve found that can help is writing, or charting (almost obsessively in my case) my emotions in a journal or using a mood-tracker app. I’ve found no correlation, nor any apparent patterns, but the act of graphing my changes in mood is very useful.

  1. It serves as a ‘digital memory bank’ – when we so often forget the intensities of our ‘highs’ when we are in a low state, and believe that we have never felt happiness before, it is a reminder that okay, actually I did feel good before, so I know I can again.
  2. I can also use this to relay mood changes to GPs, psychiatrists etc. As I struggle with memory issues (too frequent dissociation) and anxiety when talking about myself in front of others, I have a written record of how I’ve been doing lately.


It’s exhausting never feeling solid, or constantly putting up fronts and masks to prove to yourself or others that you have substance, that you’re not the empty shell that you feel like day in, day out.

But you do have a something consistent, and that is your unwavering inconsistency!

It’s the small things…



13 responses to “BPD and the Consistency Paradox

  1. I still need to try the Journal idea. I think, it is a great concept. I have wanted to get a mood chart though and tried a few apps but nothing worth mentioning. Great post!


      • It depends really, most of the time I will have a lot going on in my head and ‘dumping’ it all out onto paper is very cathartic and necessary. With regards to the moodtracker app – that varies from anywhere to a few succinct words to a couple of paragraphs.

        Might I suggest free-writing, if you haven’t ever done so before? I think you would enjoy it and it might be beneficial.

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      • What I might do is actually try all 3 and see if any of them work for me. Although I must say writing a blog has really helped. In the month or so Ive been doing it I have generally been much more balanced. I guess it could be a similar effect with journalling and free writing etc.

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  2. I enjoyed reading this because I can relate so much. I’m often exhausted from pretending to be ‘normal’ and not feeling as though every little slight from someone else hasn’t just destroyed me. I write a lot as well.. and have thought about trying a mood app but I’m not there yet. It seems daunting. lol

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! I understand what you mean, and it’s good that you do write, it can be very cathartic. Go at your own pace, if writing helps for now ten there’s no rush to try all sorts of apps! Take care 🙂

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