Your Ant-Hill might be someone else’s Mountain

I’ll admit that I am no stranger to this concept. I often used to think, “What?! How is this so hard for you?” or “Come on, it’s not that bad!”
We all fall prey to assuming that just because something works or is easy for us, then other people should have no problem.

Luckily, I am destroying this automatic response and turning it into compassionate thinking. I am able to catch myself and think, “Hang on, I don’t know what the other person is going through or how it affects them.”

People, especially those with hidden disorders such as mental health issues and disabilities, have already got enough going on without having to deal with judgemental outsiders.

We need to start integrating this compassion into our lives, and develop an understanding that other people may struggle with something you find incredibly easy.

I recently had a conversation where a friend was concerned about another friend’s depression, but couldn’t understand why they were spending so much time cooped up in their room. 


They said, “Why don’t they just get out of bed and do something to take their mind off of it?” Whilst the intent to help is there, it remains that because of their depression, they just simply couldn’t. 

It will be hard at first, but it is beneficial to put yourself in someone else’s boots or stop to consider that you are two completely different people and therefore will have two completely different abilities.

It’s a win-win situation; because you can also turn that compassion inward and practice self-compassion too. Once you start recognising that you can be more thoughtful and sensitive to other’s issues, then you will begin to wonder why you don’t treat yourself with the same kindness.





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