A creative explanation of BPD

This video was created by Ofir Sasson in 2010.

It provides a witty, and interesting way of portraying borderline personality disorder.

Not only does it give the viewer an overview of diagnostic criteria, characteristics and issues, it cleverly intertwines an undercurrent of ‘life with BPD’.

The video begins harmlessly enough, introducing us to the character, ‘Borderline Bill’, and it begins to lay out a couple of characteristics of borderline individuals in a clean and coherent manner.

However as the video progresses – and we delve deeper into Bill’s constant battle with himself, everyone around him, and the world in general – the video becomes discordant and unpredictable, gaining speed alarmingly.

The chaotic background music adds a sense of uneasiness to the video, as it correlates with the constantly shifting emotions of the main character to better illustrate the confusion and intensity of these mood changes in individuals with BPD.

Eventually Bill becomes overrun and panicked with the distressing and confusing onslaught of emotions (represented by the words being displayed on the screen), and the video reaches its climax – and in an instant Bill is alone, and empty and frozen to the spot.

I’ve long been a fan of this video explanation because of it’s accuracy despite the abstract concepts that Sasson has had to convey. It also reigns supreme as one of the only videos that manages to possess an inoffensive air of humour, instead of being overly lacking in emotion, or morbidly depressing.


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